The dangers of using a plaque scraper at home?

If you are a foodie, the thought of getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist may not come to you unless someone hands you a pack of mint and says: you need these. But since you love food and can’t get enough of it, a regular visit to the dentist may sound like an expensive idea.

 The only time an adult goes to a dentist is when they have unbearable pain in their teeth. Anything less is not acceptable. And some people are crazy enough to buy a plaque scraper and try to use it at home. That is a terrible idea.

Getting plaque removed regularly is very important for the health of your teeth. But using a plaque scraper is best left to specialists.

Why you should avoid using it at home?

 A scraper is a sharp object and using an untrained hand in an unfamiliar area leads to very bad results. If you are not careful while scraping, you may harm the enamel or even injure the gum and cause bleeding.

  It is never wise to use a scraper to resolve your toothache. It is not a good idea to push a sharp object into a cavity. You may hit a nerve ending and that may make you scream in agony.

The task is so delicate that even dentists do not use a plaque scraper on themselves. They go to other dentists to get their plaque and tartar removed. When even a professional does not do it on its own, what chance does a regular person have in using a plaque scraper?

Instead of picking up a plaque scraper, it would be a good idea to buy a pack of floss sticks. A majority of people find flossing time-consuming and difficult. But using a floss stick makes it a lot easier and faster.

So instead of skipping on the flossing, get a floss stick and take care of the plaque and tartar between your teeth.

 A plaque scraper is available in many stores and market. But handling them requires extensive training. A dentist and his assistants get years of training in handling these specialised tools. Such specialists’ tools are best operated by trained hands. Stick to flossing and leave the scaper to the experts. Avoid problems by brushing after each meal and visit your dentist when you are in pain.

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